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This Is Our Time

Posted on November 23 2020

How to make our first Sunday’s Daughter blog post a good one? It’s a tough, exciting, slightly daunting, task. We want it to be personal, interesting to you reading it, and apparently in these modern times we have to be SEO-friendly.

So, conscious that we might be missing all those marks, this is a timeline of our journey from a side hustle to a full time job, using company resources to print signs in 2012, to where we are now. The hope is we’ll meet many more milestones so our first blog post will evolve over time.


We officially set up our company, those of you in the know might recognise the name Owl & Otter, as we went by back then. It began just the two of us – Rachael and Anthony. We had a small studio in Portslade, next door to ornate plasterers who did some incredible work, and we created cute wooden T-Rex clock, coasters and brooches.


We partnered up with Not on the High Street, which has now become our most popular platform. This was an amazing opportunity for us, a much-needed sign we were on the right track and very exciting. Things quickly became very busy which leads us to…


We moved! A new studio, away from the sea and in the heart of the countryside. A bigger studio meant we had more space for two laser machines, vinyl cutters and sublimation machines (?), so our gifting range also grew to include X Y Z.


Evie’s born I think


This year felt like a really big one. We hit 30,000 orders on one of our platforms which was incredibly exciting for us, and made us on reflect on what a journey it’s been. We had a proper little team now, a stock manager and a few helping hands to assist with crafting all your gifts. I guess this means we’re a real business now?


Ah, what to say about 2020? It’s, obviously, been a rollercoaster but we’re going to focus on the positives: our team grew, we have a Studio Manager now, and a Marketing Coordinator and Graphic Designer – all very official. We have a bit extra space – that we lovingly call the grotto – to store all our Christmas stock in and we’re just getting ready to see what the festive season looks like this year…