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Meet The Team

There’s only a handful us here in our Sussex-based studio, plus one dog – Odie. We’re all united by our love and care for what we create, and our caffeine addiction.

While we get round to taking our mug shots, we are proud to introduce you to our lovely team:

Rachael – Director, more caffeine than human and a library of obscure facts

Anthony – Director, motorbike enthusiast and reluctant IT support

Richard – HR & Office Manager, dad to Toby the Frenchie and Mental Health First Aider

Jake – Marketing Coordinator, Real Housewives binger and 'fearlessly stylish'

Caz – Production Technician, calming presence and proud cat mum to Odie's rival, Brian

Jo – Production Technician, no-nonsense Welsh queen with an eye for quality control

Imogen – Production Assistant, craft master and a walking concert

Kerry – Production Assistant, Star Baker and everyone’s work mum

Lou – Production Assistant, always “going to the pub” and future queen of the skies


A special shout out to our amazing temps. They hold us together when things get a bit (read: very) mad, and are the life and soul of Sunday’s Daughter.

If you’re considering joining our little team, you can find any vacancy details here.