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Birth flowers and their meanings

Posted on March 29 2022

Birth flowers are the new birthstone and we think they make a beautiful gift for someone special, which is why we have curated a beautiful collection of personalised birth flower engraved gifts. If you are looking for something a little different, we will engrave with names, initials or dates.

What is your birth flower?

Each birth flower has a unique meaning behind it so we have listed below all the birth month flowers and what they represent:

Birth Flowers - Sunday's Daughter

January: Carnation, symbolising love and devotion.

February: Violet, symbolises loyalty, modesty and wisdom.

March: Daffodil, representing the start of Spring and symbolises new beginnings and prosperity.

April: Sweet pea, symbolises friendship, kindness and loyalty.

May: Lily, symbolises sweetness, Motherhood and sympathy.

June: Rose, symbolising romance, passion and beauty.

July: Larkspur, symbolising luck, affection and a pure heart.

August: Gladiolus, symbolises strength, integrity and generosity.

September: Aster, represents patience, wisdom and faith.

October: Marigold, symbolises protection, positivity and friendship.

November: Chrysanthemum, symbolises honesty, luck and compassion.

December: Holly, and also Narcissus, represent the final month of the year and symbolise happiness, faithfulness and purity.


Personalised birth flower gifts make a unique gift if you are looking for something a little different as we will engrave it with a name, initials or a date to make something bespoke.

Birth Flower gift ideas:

 Personalised Birth Flower Keepsake Box - Sunday's DaughterPersonalised Birth Flower Keepsake Box £32

Wooden Birth Flower Candle Holder - Birth flower gifts - Sunday's DaughterPersonalised Birth Flower Candle Holder £18
Personalised Birth Flower Serving Board - Birth Flower gifts - Sunday's Daughter
Personalised Birth Flower Serving Board

Personalised Birth Flower Notebook - Sunday's DaughterPersonalised Birth Flower Notebook £30

 Personalised Birth Flower Trinket Tray - Birth flower gifts - Sunday's DaughterPersonalised Birth Flower Trinket Tray £25

Personalised Birth Flower Scrapbook - Sunday's DaughterPersonalised Birth Flower Scrapbook £35

Small token birth flower gifts:

Personalised Birth Flower Keyring - Sunday's Daughter



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